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i'm on the search for a guy
i have a mental image of the sort of guy i'd like (don't we all) so if you're him, or know him give me a bell

hell even if you're not him, i like meeting new people

I'm 19, FTM, pre anything, based in west midlands uk, see my journal for more info

taller than me (i'm 5'"2) preferably >5'6"
30-40 years old
muscly, but not too much
not too hairy
willing to treat me as male/put up with me being a little tranny fag boy
kinky, but not too kinky, not into 24/7
willing to share (I am not breaking up with my girlfriend, and it's quite possible i'll have other partners, maybe) I will not force monogamy on anyone, but i wont be a secret, i will not lie to partners/parents/friends if you want me part of your life, that is what i am, not just someone for sex at the weekends, although if you want that sort of relationship, it might be able to happen. but i will not date anyone with a spouse/partner who is unaware

good sense of humour/one similar to mine
similar interests (this is lj people, you can read all about me) but as a start, food, art, theatre, rugby, House MD, Greys Anatomy, cuddling, exploring little country towns

willing to hold me and keep me safe, i'm very touchy feely, if you can't handle that, look elsewhere

no heavy drinkers or smokers, social is ok

absolutely no drug users (yes weed counts)

west midlands area-ish
although i'm off to uni soon, so no idea where i'll be in a couple of months

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