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23 f looking for her mtf tg princess

I am a tomboyish 23 year old female and I am looking to meet male to female tgs in the New England Area. If you're sweet I don't mind traveling a bit to meet you :)

I am an artist and I am actually right in the thick of promoting my own TG comic, Chaotic Kiss, which you can see here: I am an anime fan od sorts, and i do attend various anime cons on the east coast, but I'd like to broaden my horizons. So far this year I am planning on going to Anime Boston, PortCon Maine, ANd Another Anime Convention in NH.

I live in Southern NH. I have a Bachelors degree in Business and an Associates Degree in Marketing. Currently I have a full time job in the tech industry as a Project Coordinator, 2nd Shift.

I have two Papillon dogs, Loki and Sukoshi, who are very cute :)

In my spare time I love to go out! I like movies (foreign and indy films are my favorite) Going to the beach, eating out, and visiting the city. (Boston Usually)

I am not your typical girl, so please don't let my gender bias you as to whether or not I could provide the kind of relationship you are seeking. I'm rather independant, and I have had a lot of expirience with mtf TGs, ao I've gotten used to some of the slings and arrows of a person in transition.

I cam into my sexual identity the way a lot of people do. I expirienced what it was like to be with a MTF, and truly, it made me very happy. I felt like I fit.

Now I know some of you ladies are looking to be with a girl you can share make up tips and stuff like that with, me being on the tomboyish side i dont know much about those things. But I have had plenty of exp. helping mtf's get dressed. (and in a few lucky circumstances, UNdressed :P)

I also want you all to know that I do not put any boundaries on your transition. No matter what you want your ultimate body to look like, i see that as your own decision, and i dont think it it ANYONES place to try and tell you what you should do with it.

As far as sexually, you can ask me and I will tell you :P

So if youre interested the best way to reach me is by dropping me a line at
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