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I am so glad to have found this, and a few other TG communities... I am very new to this LJ thing and have only recently come out to family and friends, and feel great not having to hide so much anymore...

So, about me... I am a MTF 26-years old and have unfortunately (as noted above) been very successful at hiding myself to all but my closest transvestite and transgender friends... I am to start on the E (estrogen :P) very soon and am extremely excited that hopefully my life-long dreams will come true...

I will have some pictures up soon...

I am Bisexual, but prefer men over women, and am looking for a good guy who doesn't mind a shy-ish girlie goth for a partner...

I like music alot and can play the guitar, I also like movies, shopping, cuddling at home, and lots more... I am in Kingston, NY... Drop me a message sometime on YIM :

***smoochezzz and hugglezz***

~~~ Danielle
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